The Silent Flute (1978)

The Silent Flute aka Circle of Iron is a 1978 martial arts and fantasy film co-written by Bruce Lee, who intended to star in the film himself, but he died before production.. After Lee’s death in 1973, Silliphant and Stanley Mann completed the screenplay, and Lee’s part was given to the Kung Fu television star, […]

18 Fingers of Death! (2006)

18 Fingers of Death!  is a parody kung-fu movie made, written, directed and starring James Lew. Also starring in the movie is Maurice Patton

Snake, Tiger and Crane (1978)

Snake, Tiger and Crane is a 1978 kung-fu film.With invaders overrunning the land, the defeated Ming Emperor decides to commit suicide to prevent his capture. The Emperor attempts to kill his daughter to spare her suffering, but only causes her to lose an arm before she escapes the palace prior to the invader’s arrival. Now […]

Spirits of Bruce Lee (1973)

“Spirits of Bruce Lee” is a 1973 martial arts thriller filmed in Thailand with a mostly Chinese cast staring Wai-Man Chan.

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