The She Beast (1966)

The She Beast (1966)

The She Beast (Italian title: La Sorella di Satana; also known as Revenge of the Blood Beast) is a 1966 British-Italian horror film written and directed by Michael Reeves. The film stars Barbara Steele and Ian Ogilvy. There is a restored widescreen version of the film on DVD released in 2009 by Dark Sky Films with an audio commentary by producer Maslansky and stars Ogilvy and Steele.

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  1. Francisco

    I’ve never liked Kate’s videos hoeewvr, Wild Man and Misty animations are exactly what I’d want from her if I could dictate what she did! I don’t like artists in videos I think it’s trite. I don’t want to see someone lip-syncing their song I want to see a story or a mini-film. These animations REALLY hit the spot. I’m just so impressed with where Kate is at now in her career it’s like everything has been rehearsal for this time in her life.

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