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The Phantom Express (1932)

The Phantom Express is a 1932 American film directed by Emory Johnson. A phantom express starts derailing trains, and threatens a company’s future. The son of the owner must find out what is happening before the company is sold. source: wikipedia.org http://youtu.be/Qwqw59yvKI4

The Monster Walks (1932)

The film opens with Ruth Earlton and her fiance Dr. Ted Carver arriving at her father”s house. She has been told that her father has died, and is returning to find out what will be done with the estate. They arrive on a stormy night, and are

White Zombie (1932)

White Zombie is considered the first feature length zombie film. A sequel to the film, titled Revolt of the Zombies, opened in 1936. Modern reception to White Zombie has been more positive since its initial release. Critics have praised the atmosphere of the film, leading it comparisons