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Kung Fu Punch of Death (1973)

Meng Fei and Shoji Karatain are the best instructors in the world and demonstrate their tremendous talents whenever they deem necessary. Their punch is obviously deadly, that’s why we’re watching. Good movie.


Marx Brothers-Animal Crackers (1930)

Captain Spaulding, the noted explorer, returns from Africa and attends a gala party held by Mrs. Rittenhouse. A painting displayed at that party is stolen, and the Marxes help recover it. Well, maybe ‘help’ isn’t quite the word I was looking for–this is the Marx Brothers, after all


Marx Brothers Horse Feathers (1932)

Horse Feathers (1932) is a Marx Brothers film comedy. It starred the four Marx Brothers (their 4th film), Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo, as well as Thelma Todd as Connie Bailey. It was written by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, S. J. Perelman, and Will B. Johnstone. Kalmar and Ruby also wrote some of the original […]