At War with the Army (1950)

At War with the Army is a 1950 musical comedy film directed by Hal Walker and starring the comedy team of Martin and Lewis. It was filmed from July through August 1949, and released on December 30, 1950 by Paramount. It was re-released in 1958 by OMAT Pictures. Although filmed before My Friend Irma Goes […]

Cracking Up (1983)–v3PvCPQ Warren Nefron (Jerry Lewis) is a klutz who cannot do anything right. He tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Pletchick (Herb Edelman), his problems. Through a series of flashbacks the viewer sees Warren’s life story. Warren is such a failure that even his many attempts to commit suicide fail. […]

Smorgasbord (1983) – Bank Heist Scene

Movie: Smorgasbord (1983) “Warren Nefron is a hopeless klutz who has some of the worst luck in the world: when he tries to end it all with a foolproof suicide plan, he still manages to mess it up. In desperation, he goes to a psychiatrist to see if there is some way for him to […]

Hardly Working (1980)

Movie: Hardly Working (1980) “In Jerry Lewis’s first film in a decade, he plays Bo Hooper, an unemployed circus clown who can’t seem to hold down a job. The film opens with a brief montage of clips from past Lewis movies. He then moves into a succession of jobs that he gets himself fired from […]

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