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Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Lady Frankenstein (Italian: La Figlia di Frankenstein) is a 1971 Italian horror film directed by Mel Welles. It stars Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri (under the pseudonym Sara Bey), Mickey Hargitay and Paul Müller. The script was written by cult writer Edward di Lorenzo.

Shadow Of A Doubt (1943)

Shadow Of A Doubt Cast below… * Teresa Wright as Charlotte “Charlie” Newton * Joseph Cotten as Charles Oakley * Henry Travers as Joseph Newton, Charlotte’s father, who loves to read crime stories * Patricia Collinge as Emma Newton, Charlotte’s mother and Charles’ sister * Macdonald Carey

Soylent Green (1973)

Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer. Starring Charlton Heston, the film overlays the police procedural and science fiction genres as it depicts the investigation into the brutal murder of a wealthy businessman in a dystopian future suffering from pollution, overpopulation,