The Butterfly Ball (1976)

One thought on “The Butterfly Ball (1976)

  1. Andrea

    If everyone justified cheating on their spouses based on how much weight they gained or lost, there certainly would not be anyone remaining faithful in the world! I am glad that you feel good about the way you look. Perhaps your wife has gained weight due to depression, unhappiness or a medical condition that has not been diagnosed? Have you spoken to her about your lack of interest in a sexual relationship because of her weight gain? I suggest you speak about this in a loving, supportive way and perhaps encourage healthier eating and exercise that you can engage in together. Cheating isn’t the solution. Cheating is the problem. If you fix the problem, I am sure you can find a better solution than having affairs because your wife has gained weight. If you want your marriage to remain intact, I would try to resolve the issues immediately while you still have a chance.

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