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66 Scenes from America (1982)


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66 Scenes from America (Danish: 66 scener fra Amerika) is a 1982 Danish documentary film directed by Jørgen Leth. It presents a variety of short scenes with no connecting narrative. People are shown engaged in ordinary activities with minimal direction. Leth described it as containing “large and small things, events, people, thoughts and feelings”. The original plan for the film was to include 40 different scenes, but once filming began it was expanded to 66.

The film’s best-known scene shows artist Andy Warhol eating a Whopper hamburger from the Burger King fast food restaurant chain with some Heinz ketchup. Burger King used a 45-second excerpt from the 4-minute scene in an advertisement aired during the broadcast of the Super Bowl LIII American football championship. The scene is the longest in the film, in part because Warhol did not realize he was expected to say his name immediately after he finished eating, and Leth did not edit out the awkward pause that resulted.

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