Bedazzled (1967)


Peter Cook as the Devil, Raquel Welch as “Lust” and Dudley Moore caught in the middle as the depressed and initially suicidal Stanley Moon. 1967’s “Bedazzled” is an entertaining, existential, not to mention quintessential, far-out British comedy from the fertile minds of it’s stars.

Directed and produced by Stanley Donen and written by the two stars, Moore & Cook, “Bedazzled” comically retells the Faust legend. Dudley and Peter first teamed together on Moore’s BBC series, Not Only… But Also in 1965. Their partnership lasted well into the 1970’s but unfortunately “Bedazzled” was their only feature film together. Enjoy.

Bedazzled-1967-LBX-Dvdrip-Dudley Moore Raquel Welch Peter Cook from ukfilmlover on Veehd.

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