Demon Seed (1982) aka Satans Mistress – Starring Lana Wood


Demon Seed, aka Satan’s Mistress, aka Demon Rage, aka Dark Eyes is a horror movie from 1982 about a sexually frustrated housewife named Lisa, played by the incredibly voluptuous Lana Wood. Lisa, having been distanced from her husband (Don Galloway as Carl) begins having nightly trysts with an apparition that gradually takes on the form of a tall, dark stranger (played by Kabir Bedi of Octopussy). The stranger turns out to be a ghost from the other side. He is seeking to harvest her soul in league with a demoness known as Belline (played by Elise-Anne). However Belline is deceiving all of them including Lisa’s daughter Cissy (Chris Polakof).

Actually none of this matters much. As a plot, a production (they decidedly did not win the Oscar for Special Effects), an idea, Demon Seed, Satan’s Mistress, whatever you want to call this mess of a movie was obviously conceived as an attempt by the producer and or director to see Lana Wood naked.  So,  in that vein, kudos to you both. A job well done. The only real reason anyone would watch this movie is seeing Lana Wood in the nude. It is, to say the least quite a sight. And give Lana credit, she is not only beautiful but she’s also quite a good actress. Unfortunately she appears to be the only person with any talent involved with this production. Enjoy!


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