Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)

Hannah Montana: The Movie

If all you’ve seen of Miley Cyrus has been her recent punk rock/on-off relationship with Liam Hemsworth/unruly behavior phase – then rest assured, there are outlets if you want to see what she looked like before this chapter. She used to be a (seemingly) happy Nashville cowgirl with a big singing voice and an even bigger brand, Hannah Montana.

A quick summary on Hannah Montana… it was a Disney TV show, starring Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart – a young teenager who has a secret, and this is that her alias (who she disguises as) happens to be that of Hannah Montana, global superstar.

That’s all you really need to know coming to watching this film. I’ve not watched the TV series, but have the above knowledge in your head, and you’re all set.

Hannah Montana: The Movie is, as you can imagine, quite a cheesy film. You have the fairytale romance with a cowboy, you have shoe fight with Tyra Banks, you have all of the close up cheesy grins that you could ask for, and you have some very catchy, yet clichéd, pop music. However, if you’re happy to sit through 102 minutes of this – then do it with an open mind. Yes, it’s clichéd – but it is a definite feel-good film – and I hate to say it, those songs sure are catchy.

The premise of the story is that, like most other teenage girls, Miley is having issues with who she is. She struggles to keep up with her home life as Miley, and her global persona as Hannah. She tries her hardest to get to her best friend’s birthday party, but ends up having to go as Hannah, stealing her best friend’s thunder. She tries her hardest to keep both her Miley commitments and her Hannah commitments; however, this leads to her family having to make big sacrifices to keep her secret. She feels completely, and utterly, guilt-ridden. Will she finally reveal to the world about who she really is? Will she be able to live a normal life if she does? Will she ever be able to speak without sounding nasally?

You can find out from watching.

You may also recognize a song from this, ‘The Climb’. If you’re from America, you’ve probably either already heard Miley’s version or the Lea Michele version in ‘Glee’. If you’re from England, then you may recognize it as the single Joe McElderry released after winning the X Factor. Either way, it’s a catchy tune, and you get to see the context in which it was originally sung.

To sum up, if you have 102 minutes to spare and you want to watch something feel good and cheesy – why not give this a watch? If you don’t have 102 minutes to spare – then don’t feel you have to watch this, you’re certainly not going to miss out in tomorrow’s conversation with your friends.

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  1. Tuwek

    omg lion king for SURE!!!!!!its heart touching woiutht being borderline depressing, like bambi, tarzan dumbo.the music is inspiring, the animation is superb, the characters character relations, especially young simba mufassa will DEF touch your heart!!!!!!!the scene with the stampede gets me everytime, idk about u. then sometimes where mufassa visits him in the sky after hes dead

  2. Mohtaralgondbe

    I found your site from Chip and Co and I am sooooo extcied that I did. I am super disney fan and have been thinking about homeschooling my son. This site has me convinced that I can do that and make it something that I have a passion for!

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