Key Largo (1948)


Movie: Key Largo (1948)

“Frank McCloud travels to a run-down hotel on Key Largo to honor the memory of a friend who died bravely in his unit during WW II. His friend’s widow, Nora Temple, and wheelchair bound father, James Temple manage the hotel and receive him warmly, but the three of them soon find themselves virtual prisoners when the hotel is taken over by a mob of gangsters led by Johnny Rocco who hole up there to await the passing of a hurricane. Mr. Temple strongly reviles Rocco but due to his infirmities can only confront him verbally. Having become disillusioned by the violence of war, Frank is reluctant to act, but Rocco’s demeaning treatment of his alcoholic moll, Gaye Dawn, and his complicity in the deaths of some innocent Seminole Indians and a deputy sheriff start to motivate McCloud to overcome his Hamlet-like inaction. Written by Brian Greenhalgh”

  • Director: John Huston
  • Release Date:
    31 July 1948 (USA)
  • Run Time:
    100 min
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Crime , Drama , Film-Noir , Thriller

Tagline: A storm of fear and fury in the sizzling Florida Keys !

Trivia: Lionel Barry was severely disabled by arthritis (clearly visible in his hands) and was confined to a wheelchair, making the scene in which his Mr. Temple character gets up and falls taking a swing at Toots than a dramatic moment.

Goofs: Factual errors: Frank says that Rocco’s boat anchored just offshore “ought to be away from those reefs with this blow coming up”. The coral reefs are much farther offshore.


KEY LARGO (1948) Humphrey Bogart – Lauren Bacall -7P-Classics-Collection- from SevenPlanets on Veehd.

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