L eau chaude, l eau frette (1976)


In one neighborhood, while one has a party to the usurer the corner, teenagers are plotting an assassination. Angle St. Denis and Rachel, the most beautiful terrace in the east of Montreal, the place to make a feast delusional that shatters all the tensions in a marginal environment. “I turned into bars and grills, because of the shadows and the light which is nice. I choose my locations because of the quality of light and because they serve well our scenario. I do not care for realism geography. “(André Forcier)

The hot water, water ferrule is a poetry of cruelty, a celebration of anarchy in which friends and enemies are seated on a terrace of a rooming house in the Rue Saint-Denis in honor of the forty Polo-third birthday. Everyone benefits from this great meeting to settle accounts and wash your dirty linen in public. The film ends on a bittersweet note, half-sad when all are scalded, and turned away unceremoniously, all in a grand finale promised to tomorrows.

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Sources used in this post may include: wikipedia.org, imdb.com