L’Ultima Donna (1976)


L’Ultima Donna (1976) aka La dernière femme in French and The Last Woman in English.John, played by Gerard Depardieu , is an engineer in layoffs that has been left by his wife and lives with her ​​son in the gray industrial suburbs of Paris. Kindergarten child knows Valeria ( Ornella Muti ) who, with her ​​fiancé in crisis, begins to attend. The two go to live with, but after an initial period of very happy (even sexually), the relationship slips into a routine and it cracks without a reason. Following the ex-wife reappears and John also finds a new flame. In the end, John, tortured psychological impotence to manage her love life and accused of phallocracy by women, it castrates.

This is one of the best known films, provocative and caustic director Marco Ferreri and was also appreciated for the beautiful interpretation of Depardieu and Muti.

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