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The Magdalene Sisters (2002)


The Magdalene Sisters is a 2002 film written and directed by Peter Mullan, about 4 teenage girls who were sent to Magdalene Asylums, homes for women who were labelled as “fallen” by their families or society. The homes were maintained by individual religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

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nineteen eighty-four (1984)


Nineteen Eighty-Four also called “1984” was, appropriately enough, released in 1984. It is classified as a British science fiction film. It was based upon George Orwell’s great novel of the same name. It details the life of Winston Smith of Oceania, a country run by a totalitarian government. The film was written and directed by Michael Radford and stars John Hurt, Richard Burton, in his last film role and the beautifully plain yet fetching Suzanna Hamilton. You may only be interested in the film to see Suzanna Hamilton’s stark, matter-of-fact nudity, but be sure to stick around for the rest of this timelessly haunting film, bleak as it may be.

Original New York Times Review of “nineteen eighty-four”

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Last Tango in Paris (1972)


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Paul (Marlon Brando), a middle-aged American hotel owner mourning the suicide of his wife, meets a young engaged Parisian woman named Jeanne (Maria Schneider) in an apartment both are interested in renting. Paul and Jeanne proceed to have an anonymous sexual relationship in the apartment, and Paul demands that neither of them share any personal information, not even their names. The affair goes on until one day Jeanne comes to the apartment to find that Paul has, without warning, packed up and left.

Paul later meets Jeanne on the street and says that he wants to start anew with their relationship. He takes Jeanne to a Tango bar and begins telling her about himself. This loss of anonymity disillusions Jeanne about the relationship and she tells Paul she doesn’t want to see him again. Paul, not wanting to let Jeanne go, chases her back to her apartment and tells her that he loves her and wants to know her name.

Unbeknownst to Paul, Jeanne holds a gun (left by her late father) she had pulled from a drawer. She tells him her name and the gun goes off inexplicably. Paul makes his way out of the room, sticks his gum under the railing and falls dead onto her balcony. The audience then sees Jeanne, dazed- muttering to herself that he was just a stranger who tried to rape her, reassuring herself that she did not know who he was in a rehearsal for questioning by the police.

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